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Campaign: Projects

Northern Ireland Space Program

I've obviously watched too many of the weather-balloon-based recordings of flights into the stratosphere.

A weather-balloon rig would be an easy place to start, although NI's issue is lack of land mass on which to.. um.. land is a wee bit of an issue - if the balloon drifts over the sea, recovery becomes a little more difficult.


Is there a rocketry club in Ireland?

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Campaign: Launch Equipment Wishlist


http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/bas317-305mm-bandsaw http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/dw738-bandsaw or similar I was looking at table saws and then realised a bandsaw can do pretty much all the same stuff and more. This will cut wood, plastic and metal (depending on the blade fitted), has straight edges for accurate cuts, and the table tilts 45 degrees for bevelled edges. Does require ...more »

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Campaign: Projects

Whiteboards everywhere

We need whiteboards. Everywhere. I will link a few photos from my dropbox of GDS in london where I'm working right now, they have this. Everywhere. Whiteboard paint - http://www.promain.co.uk/product/Rustoleum_Dry_Erase_Paint_whiteboard_id4091 £27.99 per tin or contact a whiteboard manufacturer and purchase direct the boards themselves and just screw them onto the walls. By this I mean no frames just boards stuck as ...more »

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Campaign: Projects

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