Northern Ireland Space Program

I've obviously watched too many of the weather-balloon-based recordings of flights into the stratosphere.

A weather-balloon rig would be an easy place to start, although NI's issue is lack of land mass on which to.. um.. land is a wee bit of an issue - if the balloon drifts over the sea, recovery becomes a little more difficult.


Is there a rocketry club in Ireland?


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Launch Equipment Wishlist

A Wiki

Pretty obvious, we need a wiki, linked to the farset labs website. Somewhere we can detail organisation structure, plans for growth, projects, minutes of meetings, progress, technical stuff like the webcam access url and other server info and wifi passwords etc.


A wiki please.


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Spotify Community Playlist

An automated Playlist based on the "Now Listening To" feeds of any community members who register.


The Spotify Playlist for Flacknite was disappointing, as few people contributed much to it. So we should at least have a shared playlist (probably several) for the community to build ongoing.


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