Northern Ireland Space Program

I've obviously watched too many of the weather-balloon-based recordings of flights into the stratosphere.

A weather-balloon rig would be an easy place to start, although NI's issue is lack of land mass on which to.. um.. land is a wee bit of an issue - if the balloon drifts over the sea, recovery becomes a little more difficult.


Is there a rocketry club in Ireland?


Teleconferencing Suite

The Problem: the lab space is in only one place and only so big The Approach: create a sense that the walls don't exist, and bring into contact the outside world with the Lab interior The Solution: a teleconferencing suite (or range of teleconferencing solutions) that feel as close to having colleagues in the room as possible. These might include: 24/7 webcasting & screens; a dedicated room with video wall; 3D projection/imagery;... more »


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Whiteboards everywhere

We need whiteboards. Everywhere. I will link a few photos from my dropbox of GDS in london where I'm working right now, they have this. Everywhere. Whiteboard paint - £27.99 per tin or contact a whiteboard manufacturer and purchase direct the boards themselves and just screw them onto the walls. By this I mean no frames just boards stuck as... more »