Launch Equipment Wishlist

A Wiki

Pretty obvious, we need a wiki, linked to the farset labs website. Somewhere we can detail organisation structure, plans for growth, projects, minutes of meetings, progress, technical stuff like the webcam access url and other server info and wifi passwords etc.


A wiki please.


Whiteboards everywhere

We need whiteboards. Everywhere. I will link a few photos from my dropbox of GDS in london where I'm working right now, they have this. Everywhere. Whiteboard paint - £27.99 per tin or contact a whiteboard manufacturer and purchase direct the boards themselves and just screw them onto the walls. By this I mean no frames just boards stuck as... more »



Fitness Trainer Certification Course

RK Body and Soul an Autonomous Institution promoting various Skill Development job oriented courses, Fitness Trainer Courses, Personal Trainer Certification and Vocational education in the country. We also provide Personal Fitness Training at home, Gym equipment, and service for private individuals, commercial and corporate gyms. The company has many years of combined gym and equipment knowledge... more »